Wywiad – Pete Bernert

oryginalna wersja wywiadu:

w_m – Q1: How your adventure with PSX emulators started?
Pete: With Breath of Fire 3… in late 1998 there were no goo RPG games for PCs, so I looked for a console system with much RPG games, and of course I got me a PSX (and BOF3). But playing on my TV gave me headaches, so I looked for an emu… and I found PSEmu Pro, which kinda played that game.

w_m – Q2: What about your first plugin?
Pete: Well, it was an OpenGL plugin, I called it Pete’s TNT plugin, though (since I had a TNT1 card at this time). Main reason to do it was to play BOF3 with less glitches 🙂

w_m – Q3: Your GPU plugin was and still are success ,why are you start working on SPU & CDR plugs?
Pete: The Midas SPU was coded, because at this time there were no active SPU project (Kazz’s DSound and Duddie’s SEAL one were not continued), and of course I wanted to fix certain soud glitches, so I did my own spu plugin. And I’ve coded the CDR plugin, because no other plugin was able to work with my TEAC SCSI drive 🙂

w_m – Q4: Most people that you are one of the top of PSX plugins programmer – Do you agree thit this statement?
Pete: Since there are only a few active psx plugin coders (maybe 10 or so), I am relatively sure I am in the Top Ten of psx plugin coder chart, ehhehe 🙂

w_m – Q5: What can you say to people who wants to follow in your wake & make good PSX plugins?
Pete: Study the Open Source plugins… try to understand and improve them 🙂

w_m – Q6: Lets change the subject. What do you do in real (not-emulated :)life?
Pete: coding 🙂

w_m – Q7: How do you spend your free time?
Pete: The usual… coding, reading, music, driving motorcycle, drinking, discussions with my girlfriend, sleeping…

w_m – Q8: Do U play computer games, too? What kind of games you prefer? What are your favorite titles?
Pete: Yes, I play games. RPG games. The Ultima series (I started with Ultima 2 on a C64, and I’ve played every part up to Ultima 9 since). Gothic and Morrowind are good RPG games as well. Also I like space shooters like Wing Commander or Aquanox. I am not very good at First-Person-Shooters, I have to admit (most are boring anyway, no good stories), and I leave strategy and sim games to my girlfriend, ehehe 🙂

w_m – Q9: What are your plans for the future?
Pete: see Q7 🙂

w_m: Thank you for the interview.
Pete: no problem, bye